Public Eye - Frank Marker Investigates

10. It Must Be the Architecture - Can't Be the Climate (23.3.65)

"The death of a girl; malicious gossip; prejudice. A man's whole career in doubt. 'If he's innocent he's being victimised and if he's guilty he's getting away with it.'"

A five minute segment of this episode from the later stages of Series 3 was included on an ABC promotional reel and is included as an extra on the 1969 set. Clearly only surface impressions about it can be gleaned from so small a section but what is seen looks very strong and compelling. Marker is helping a young doctor (played by Zia Mohyeddin, above) whose career is in jeopardy. A young woman patient, Paulette Hinckmann, has died under his treatment. Matters are complicated because he had a previous relationship with her and his conduct is under serious question, not least by surgeon Dr. Howlett. He now finds any hope of a new contract at the hospital extinguished and the medical grapevine could frustrate hopes elsewhere. Involving Paulette's parents to help clear his name presents difficulties as well. Can Frank clear his name?

Writer: Robert Holmes   Director: James Goddard

Cast: William Moore (Daniel Hinckman); Hilary Mason (Jessica Hinckman); Zia Mohyeddin (Dr. Bohan); Anne-Louise Caton (Paulette Hinckman); Sarah Harter (Staff Nurse); Gary Hope (Dr. Howlett); Gillian Raine (Dr. Kilby); Pauline Jameson (Fay Gordon); Alex Marshall (Linda Muldoon); Alan Lake (Murchison); Jessie Evans (Lena).

11. It's Learning About the Lies That Hurts (30.3.68)

"The Morning after the Night before - and what a 'night before' it must have been to die of it. Moreover this particular dead man certainly has a tale to tell."

Writer: Robert Holmes   Director: Kim Mills

Cast: Michael Barrington (Lawrence Friend); Peter Miles-Johnson (Hibbard); Dallas Cavell (Blye); Wendy Gifford (Louisa Whittaker); John Crocker (Picton); Peter Elliott (Corelli); Simone Lovell (Mary); Godfrey Quigley (Docherty); Walter Sparrow (Taxi dispatcher); Karen Newport (Little girl); Mary Chester (Travel agent); Caroline Burt (Chloe); Jacqueline Maude (Mrs. Mayne-Butler).

12. There's No Future In Monkey Business (6.4.68)

"Young Jago has his eye on the future but how long will it take the gaffer to realise there's monkey business afoot?"

Writer: Brian Hayles   Director: Alan Gibson

Cast: Wilfred Pickles (Harry Latham); Ray Brooks (Jago); Christopher Benjamin (Barnby); Brian Coburn (Nigel); Kate Blinchy (Nancy); Tom Gill (Short); Barry Jackson (Tom Pedmore); John Garrie (Taplow).

13. Cross That Palm When We Come To It (13.4.68)

"An interesting proposition for several parties, but who foots the bill?"

Writer: Roger Marshall   Director: Peter Duguid

Cast: Arthur Cox (Pratt); Simon Brent (Jordan); John Bailey (Insp. Robertson); Michael David (Solicitor); Tony Steedman (Wheldon); Fay Sparks (Mrs. Dayton); Trevor Bannister (Briers); Geraldine Sherman (Fay); Geoffrey Lewis (Bank Manager); Dan Jackson (Joe Carew); Rudi Patterson (Gerry Carew); Wallace Campbell (Muirie).

Production order

According to the VTR numbers in the Kaleidoscope Guide this was as follows:

If This Is Lucky, I'd Rather Be Jonah
But What Good Will the Truth Do?
But They Always Come Back For Tea
It Must Be the Architecture - Can't Be the Climate
Honesty Is the Best Policy - But Who Can Afford the Premiums?
Have Mud, Will Throw
It's Learning About the Lies That Hurts
Memories Of Meg
Cross That Palm When We Come To It
There's No Future In Monkey Business
The Bromsgrove Venus
Mercury In an Off-White Mac
Strictly Private And Confidential

Further broadcast details

This was the last series of Public Eye that was not networked and also the last before the regional channels were reorganised. On the positive front the two biggest weekend channels, ABC and Associated Television, for the first time broadcast it on the same night. However the picture in other regions was less favourable. Anglia, Westward, Channel and TWW did not run the series at all. TWW's broadcast record for the show had never been good while Anglia had not taken the first series, but Westward and Channel's lack of participation is surprising.

Associated Television: dates as per ABC but timeslot 10.15-11.10pm.

Border (11.00-11.55pm unless stated): Fri 5.4.68 ("Memories Of Meg"); 12.4.68 ("Have Mud, Will Throw"); 19.4.68; 26.4.68; 3.5.68 ("Mercury In an Off-White Mac"); 10.5.68 ("Strictly Private And Confidential"); Thu 30.5.68 (9.00-10.00pm); 6.6.68 

Grampian: Fri 26.1.68 (11.15pm-12.05am); 2.2.68 (11.05-11.55pm); 9.2.68 (11.00-11.55pm); 16.2.68; 23.2.68; 1.3.68; 8.3.68; 15.3.68 (11.05-11.55pm); 29.3.68; 5.4.68 (11.05-11.55pm); 12.4.68 (11pm start); 19.4.68 (11.05 start); 26.4.68

Scottish Television: Fri 2.2.68 (8.00-9.00pm) - But What Good Will the Truth Do?; 9.2.68 (Memories Of Meg); 23.2.68; 1.3.68; 8.3.68 (Strictly Private And Confidential); 15.3.68; 26.3.68 (10.40-11.35pm - It Must Be the Architecture - Can't Be the Climate); 9.4.68 (11.25pm-12.20am - "There's No Future In Monkey Business")

Southern (8.25-9.20pm unless stated): Fri 5.4.68 ("Have Mud Will Throw"); 12.4.68 ("Memories Of Meg"); 19.4.68 ("But What Good Will the Truth Do?"); 26.4.68 ("If This Is Lucky I'd Rather Be Jonah"); 3.5.68 ("Honesty Is the Best Policy - But Who Can Afford the Premiums?"); 10.5.68 ("Mercury In an Off-White Mac"); 17.5.68 ("It Must Be the Architecture - Can't Be the Climate"); 24.5.68 ("It's Learning About the Lies That Hurts"); Tues 4.6.68 (10.30pm start - "Strictly Private And Confidential"); 11.6.68 (10.30 - "The Bromsgrove Venus"); 18.6.68 (10.30pm); 25.6.68 (10.30pm); 2.7.68 ("Cross That Palm When We Come To It")  

Tyne Tees: as per ABC; 5.4.68.

Ulster (9.10-10.05pm unless stated): Sat 6.4.68 ("If This Is Lucky I'd Rather Be Jonah"); 13.4.68 ("But What Good Will the Truth Do?"); 20.4.68 ("Memories Of Meg"); 27.4.68 ("Have Mud, Will Throw"); Tues 21.5.68 (10.45-11.40pm); 28.5.68; 11.6.68 ("But They Always Come Back For Tea"); 18.6.68; 25.6.68 ("Cross That Palm When We Come To It").

The final series made by ABC and the last one set in Birmingham. This has suffered the worst with only The Bromsgrove Venus surviving intact. A fragment of "It Can't Be the Architecture - Must Be the Climate" remains and was released on the DVD of the 1969 series. The details below are for ABC with broadcast times of 9.10-10.05pm unless stated. For the first time ATV, which at that time held the weekend franchise for London and was ABC's rival, aired the episodes on the same night, albeit in a later slot.

Given the non-existence today of almost all this series it is useful to reproduce some brief synopses from The TV Times of the episodes. In a few instances extra information allows further explanation.

1. If This Is Lucky, I'd Rather Be Jonah (20.1.68)

"A wife with expensive tastes.. a husband anxious to please.. People get to know and suddenly the prices get higher!!

Writer: David Whitaker   Director: Patrick Dromgoole

Cast: Meier Tzelniker (Phillipson); Alister Williamson (Dt.-Sgt. Willows); Leslie Southwick (Policeman); Reg Pritchard (Joe Hubble); Milton Johns (Terry Stretton); Geoffrey Hinsliff (Johnny Pearman); Derrick Gilbert (Reg Elms); Sheila Fearn (Valerie Kitson); Edward Fox (Eric Kitson); Alan Cullen (Esmond); Maggie Don (Doris Baker).

2. But What Good Will the Truth Do? (27.1.68)

"What really did happen on that night of terror fourteen years ago when the Morristown went down?"

Writer: Martin Worth   Director: Quentin Lawrence

Cast: Alan Tucker (Mike Lynch); Georgina Hale (Liz Chambers); Carmen Capaldi (Mrs. Williams); Harold Goodwin (Henry Chambers); Barbara Keogh (Landlady); Maureen Pryor (Sarah Chambers); Larry Noble (Newspaper Man); Maitland Moss (Edward Jenkins); Betty McDowall (Mrs. Vowden); Gillian Royale (Receptionist); James Beck (Tom Vowden).

3. Memories Of Meg (3.2.68, 10.15-11.10pm)

"After forty years the wanderer returns. What of the lost girl of his youth? Time has not dimmed her memory; but how to match memory and reality? And find her first!"

Writer: Robert Banks Stewart   Director: Dennis Vance

Cast: Leslie Dwyer  (Arthur); Ron Daniels (Bus Conductor); Sonia Dresdel (Mrs. Briggs); Jan Butlin (Secretary of Home); Gladys Spencer (Mrs. Pollard); Harold Lang (Nat); Jane Bolton (Ingrid); Paul Dawkins (Soutar); Reginald Barratt (Spalding); Hilda Fenemore (Mrs. Claverton); Denis Shaw (Claverton); Margaret Vines (Beth).

4. Have Mud, Will Throw (10.2.68, 10.15-11.10pm)

"What seems like a straightforward and routine job for Marker turns, because of an accident in the High Street, into a complex human problem."

Writer: Roger Marshall   Director: Peter Duguid

Cast: Barry Stanton (Jackson); Arthur Brough (Rowan); Arnold Peters (Houghton); Katherine Parr (Mrs. Burditt); Frederick Hall (Pearson); Mike Gambon (P.C. Thwaites); Dorothy Primrose (Cafe Owner); Donald Pelmear (Elliot); Edward Kelsey (Wyatt); Raymond Adamson (Phillips); Michael Spice (Van driver); Louise Pajo (Angela).

5. But They Always Come Back For Tea (17.2.68)

"A little corruption goes a long way and someone has to pay for it - the innocent along with the guilty sometimes. You only hope that they do come back for tea."

(A businessman is alleged to have used corrupt means to obtain a place at grammar school for his son.)

Writer: Roger Marshall   Director: Kim Mills

Cast: Christian Comber (Robin Warren); Malcolm Taylor (Winter); Norman Scace (Mr. Sutton); Diana Beevers (Angie Gordon); Rhoda Lewis (Paula Warren); Ewan Hooper (Harry Warren); Robert Davies (Alun Fielding); John Wreford (Attendant); Frank Cousins (Porter); Gabrielle Daye (Mrs. Fielding); Victor Woolf (Builder); Mark Kingston (Smitheson).

6. Mercury in an Off-White Mac (24.2.68)

"Police work comes Marker's way... he moves into new lodgings... and some very strange people find that the wages of sin is - porridge!"

Writer: Roger Marshall   Director: Kim Mills

Cast: Bernard Lee (Det.-Sgt. Davidson); Richard O'Callaghan (Brian Davidson); Philip Brack (Det.-Insp. Wilton); Colin Rix (Det.-Sgt. Simpson); Constance Chapman (Mrs. Bull); Bridget Brice (Pat Davidson); John Barrard (Harris); Giles Block (Johnny Block); Ann Kennedy (Diane); Caroline Blakiston (George).

 7. Strictly Private and Confidential (2.3.68)

"Why has Brenda left home?... Because of what her parents said to her?... Or are there more sinister reasons?"

Writer: Robert Wynatt   Director: Patrick Dromgoole

Cast: Martin Shaw (Ron Baker); Paul Angelis (George Aston); George A. Cooper (Arthur Smedley); Margery Withers (Doris Smedley); Karol Keyes (Brenda Smedley); Tom Kempinski (Inch); Patsy Rowlands (Miss Welsh);  Ronald Russell (Lamb).

 8. Honesty Is the Best Policy - But Who Can Afford the Premiums? (9.3.68)

"He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it."

Writer: Bill Craig   Director: Robert Tronson

Cast: Alethea Charlton (Judy Marchmont); Jan Holden (Vera Burnside); Donald Hewlett (David Marchmont); Allen Sykes (Charles); Garfield Morgan (Lewis Burnside); Paul Dawkins (Soutar); Carolyn Moody (Maisie); James Caffrey (Paddy).

 9. The Bromsgrove Venus (16.3.65)