Public Eye - Frank Marker Investigates

The final series sees plenty of comings and goings: Windsor, Walton and finally Chertsey. Broadcasts were again fully networked from 9.00 to 10.00 pm but, unlike the last three series, switched to Mondays.

The 1977 repeats were in afternoon slots usually across the ITV network and from 2.25 to 3.20pm unless otherwise noted. No Orchids for Marker was omitted for some reason. UK Gold broadcast all of them in the Spring of 1996.

1. Nobody Wants To Know (6.1.75, repeated Thu 17.3.77)

2. How About a Cup Of Tea? (13.1.75, repeated 31.3.77)

3. How About It, Frank? (20.1.75, repeated 7.4.77)

4. They All Sound Simple at First (27.1.75, repeated 5.5.77*)

5. The Fall Guy (3.2.75, repeated 19.5.77)

6. What's To Become of Us? (10.2.75, repeated 26.5.77)

Two unusual clients meet at

Ron Gash's smart Walton 

office in

What's To Become of Us?

The first episode set in Chertsey highlighted by the TV Times

7. Hard Times (17.2.75, repeated 16.6.77)

8. No Orchids for Marker (24.2.75)

9. The Fatted Calf (3.3.75, repeated 30.6.77)

10. Lifer (10.3.75, repeated 4.8.77)

11. Take No for an Answer (17.3.75, repeated 11.8.77 2.55-3.50 pm)

12. Fit of Conscience (24.3.75, repeated 25.8.77)

13. Unlucky for Some (7.4.75, repeated 27.10.77)

* Border, Yorkshire and Scottish Television all repeated this on Tuesday 3rd May.

Production order

This is based on the VTR numbers in the Kaleidscope Guide.

The Fall Guy
They All Sound Simple At First
No Orchids For Marker
The Fatted Calf
Hard Times
Take No For an Answer
Nobody Wants To Know
How About a Cup Of Tea?
How About It, Frank?
What's To Become Of Us?
Fit Of Conscience
Unlucky For Some

It's possibly a little surprising that the first three episodes broadcast, all forming a serial and set in Windsor, were not produced until late in the run, although no surprise that they were shot in line with the broadcast order. This may have been a logistical matter. Two of the three Walton episodes with Peter Childs opened proceedings but the third came much later. Peter's episodes were in two blocks (1-2 and 8-11) while the Chertsey episodes early on (3-7) and right at the end (12-13).  No precise production dates are available but Spring - Autumn 1974 seems most probable for the whole series.