Public Eye - Frank Marker Investigates


No episode was broadcast on 22.11.72 due to boxing coverage. There was no broadcast immediately after Christmas (27.12.72) but these, along with Easter 1975, are the only instances of series runs being interrupted.

Production order

This is derived from the VTR numbers in the Kaleidoscope Guide.

A Family Affair
The Bankrupt
Girl In Blue
Many a Slip
The Man Who Said Sorry
The Golden Boy (produced 27th September to 10th October 1972)
Mrs. Podmore's Cat (produced 10th to 23rd October 1972)
It's a Woman's Privilege
The Windsor Royal
Horse And Carriage
Home And Away
Egg And Cress Sandwiches
The Trouble With Jenny

Unlike the previous series the production and broadcast orders are quite similar, even though there is no serial content to encourage this as with Series 4. Production dates for the whole series are not known but based on the dates for "The Golden Boy" and "Mrs. Podmore's Cat" and, assuming no breaks in production, they may have fallen between July 1972 and January 1973.

Frank looks thoughtfully out

of the window during

The Man Who Said Sorry

The first series screened wholly in colour and the last set completely in Windsor. Broadcast times are Wednesday evenings from 9.00 to 10.00 pm. The episodes have never reappeared on terrestrial television but they were all aired by UK Gold from November 1995 to Spring 1996. TV Times listings are provided for three of the later outings.

1. The Bankrupt (8.11.72)

2. Girl in Blue (15.11.72)

3. Many a Slip (29.11.72)

4. Mrs. Podmore's Cat (6.12.72)

5. The Man Who Said Sorry (13.12.72)

6. Horse and Carriage (20.12.72)

7. A Family Affair (3.1.73)

8. The Golden Boy (10.1.73)

9. The Windsor Royal (17.1.73)

10. It's a Woman's Privilege (24.1.73)

11. Home and Away (31.1.73)