Public Eye - Frank Marker Investigates

The shortest series, the first made by Thames, the first surviving wholly intact, the only one set in Brighton and the first one ever given a commercial release. For the first time the show was fully betworked across the ITV regions. Southern, Westward and Channel did screen the opening episode in an 8.00-9.00pm slot but thereafter all the regions adopted the standard 9.00-10.00pm slot on Wednesday evenings.

1. Welcome To Brighton? (30.7.69)

2. Divide and Conquer (6.8.69)

3. Paid In Full (13.8.69)

4. My Life's My Own (20.8.69)

5. Case For the Defence (27.8.69)

6. The Comedian's Graveyard (3.9.69)

7. A Fixed Address (10.9.69)

Production order

Perhaps unsurprisingly as the episodes constituted a serial, this was the only series in which the production order matched that of broadcast.