The shortest series, the first made by Thames, the first surviving wholly intact, the only one set in Brighton and the first one ever given a commercial release. For the first time the show was fully betworked across the ITV regions. Southern, Westward and Channel did screen the opening episode in an 8.00-9.00pm slot but thereafter all the regions adopted the standard 9.00-10.00pm slot on Wednesday evenings.

1. Welcome To Brighton? (30.7.69)

2. Divide and Conquer (6.8.69)

3. Paid In Full (13.8.69)

Public Eye - Frank Marker Investigates

4. My Life's My Own (20.8.69)

5. Case For the Defence (27.8.69)

6. The Comedian's Graveyard (3.9.69)

7. A Fixed Address (10.9.69)

Production order

Perhaps unsurprisingly as the episodes constituted a serial, this was the only series in which the production order matched that of broadcast.