Robert Knights (1942- ): Home and Away (1)

Simon Langton (1941- ): Hard Times (1)

Quentin Lawrence (1920-1979): "You're Not Cinderella, Are You?"; "No, No, Nothing Like That"; "But What Good Will the Truth Do?"; 
A Mug Named Frank (4)

Mark Lawton (1917-1975): "You Think It'll Be Marvellous - But It's Always a Rabbit" (1)

Kim Mills (1931-2006): "All for a Couple of Ponies"; Nobody Kills Santa Claus; "Dig You Later"; "My Life, That's a Marriage"; 
The Morning Wasn't So Hot; "All the Black Dresses She Wants"; Don't Forget You're Mine; "It Had To Be a Mouse"; 
"But They Always Come Back For Tea"; "Mercury in an Off-White Mac"; "It's Learning About the Lies That Hurts"; 
Welcome To Brighton?My Life's My OwnA Fixed Address; Take No for an Answer (15)  

Frank reflects on life in prison

in Welcome to Brighton?

A frightening phone call in 

Slip Home in the Dark

Public Eye - Frank Marker Investigates

An usual aerial shot showing

Reverend Pratt (Brian Blessed)

crossing the road in 

Egg and Cress Sandwiches

Frank illuminated in the 

darkness in And When You've

Paid the Bill, You're None 

the Wiser

James Gatward (1938- ): The Man Who Didn't Eat Sweets (1)

Alan Gibson (1938-1987). "There's No Future In Monkey Business" (1)

Jim Goddard (1936-2013): The Bromsgrove Venus; "It Must Be the Architecture - Can't Be the Climate"; Divide and Conquer; 
Well - There Was This Girl, You SeeThe Man Who Didn't Eat SweetsThe BankruptIt's a Woman's Privilege (7)

Piers Haggard (1939-2023): "Twenty Pounds of Heart and Muscle"; And When You've Paid the Bill, You're None the Wiser; Shades of White (3)

Toby Robertson (1928-2012): "You Have To Draw the Line Somewhere"; "There Are More Things In Heaven and Earth" (2)

 William G. Stewart (1933-2017): Ward of Court (1)

Robert Tronson (1924-2008): "They Go Off In the End - Like Fruit"; "Honesty Is the Best Policy - But Who Can Afford the Premiums?" (2)

Dennis Vance (1924-1983): "Memories of Meg"; I Always Wanted a Swimming Pool; Transatlantic Cousins; Girl in Blue (4)

Mike Vardy: Fit of Conscience (1)

Guy Verney (1915-1970): Have It on the House"; "It's a Terrible Way To Be"; "You Can Keep the Medal"; 

"What's Wrong? Can't You Take a Sick Joke?"; Paid in Full; Case for the Defence (6)

David Wickes: John VII. Verse 24; Many a Slip; The Trouble with Jenny; They All Sound Simple at First; Lifer (5) 

Directors of Public Eye episodes

Twenty three directors worked on the show over the years, a smaller number than the writers and probably a factor aiding consistency. Kim Mills was the leading director with fifteen episodes, all but one in the first four series, making him very important in setting the tone of the programme. Directors especially prominent in the better-remembered colour years were Douglas Camfield, Bill Bain and David Wickes. Jonathan Alwyn and Jim Goddard maintained a valuable presence throughout events. One surprising name in the list is William G. Stewart, much better known as a Thames comedy producer of shows like Bless This House and later long-time host of Channel 4's afternoon quiz Fifteen to One.

Jonathan Alwyn (1930-2021): "I Went To Borrow a Pencil And Look What I Found"; "Tell Me about the Crab"; The Comedian's Graveyard
The Man Who Said SorryThe Fatted CalfUnlucky for Some (6)

Bill Bain (1930-1982): Come Into the Garden, RoseMrs. Podmore's CatHorse and CarriageHow about a Cup of Tea?

How about It, Frank? (5)

Laurence Bourne (1936-2012): "But the Joneses Never Get Letters"; "A Harsh World for Zealots"; "'And a Very Fine Fiddle Has He'"; 
"Protection Is a Man's Best Friend" (4) 

Douglas Camfield (1931-1984): Who Wants To Be Told Bad News?A Family AffairThe Golden BoyThe Windsor Royal

Nobody Wants To KnowThe Fall GuyWhat's To Become of Us? (7)

Basil Coleman (1916-2013): "I Could Set It To Music"; Works with Chess, Not with Life (2) 

Patrick Dromgoole (1930- ): "You Should Hear Me Eat Soup"; "If This Is Lucky, I'd Rather Be Jonah"; "Strictly Private and Confidential" (3) 

Peter Duguid (1923-2009): "Have Mud, Will Throw"; "Cross That Palm When We Come To It"; Slip Home in the Dark; The Beater and the Game (4)