Public Eye - Frank Marker Investigates

William Emms (d. 1993): "But the Joneses Never Get Letters"

Brian Finch (1935-2007) (3): Home and AwayThe Fall GuyThe Fatted Calf (3)

Terence Frisby (1932- ): "I Went To Borrow a Pencil and Look What I Found"; "You Should Hear Me Eat Soup" (2)

Andrew Hall: "No, No, Nothing Like That" (1)

Richard Harris (1934- ): The Man Who Didn't Eat SweetsThe Man Who Said SorryHorse and CarriageWhat's To Become of Us? (4)

Michael Hastings (1938-2011): "My Life, That's a Marriage" (1)

Brian Hayles (1930-1978): "There's No Future In Monkey Business" (1)

Peter Hill: John VII. Verse 24 (1)

Robert Holmes (1928-1986): "And a Very Fine Fiddle Has He"; "You Think It'll Be Marvellous - But It's Always a Rabbit"; "It Had To Be a Mouse"; 
"Twenty Pounds of Heart and Muscle"; "It Must Be the Architecture - Can't Be the Climate"; "It's Learning About the Lies That Hurts" (6)

Ray Jenkins: Slip Home in the Dark

John Kershaw: (1931-1993) Who Wants To Be Told Bad News?; Many a Slip; A Family Affair; How About a Cup Of Tea?They All Sound Simple at First (5)

Hugh Leonard (1926-2009):"It's a Terrible Way To Be"; "What's Wrong - Can't You Take a Sick Joke" (2)

Douglas Livingstone (1932- ): Come into the Garden, Rose (1)

Roger Marshall (1934-2020): "All for a Couple of Ponies"; Nobody Kills Santa Claus; "Dig You Later"; The Morning Wasn't So Hot; "Have It on the House"; Don't Forget You're Mine; "You're Not Cinderella, Are You?"; Works with Chess, Not with Life; "Have Mud, Will Throw"; 

"But They Always Come Back For Tea"; "Mercury in an Off-White Mac"; "Cross That Palm When We Come To It"; Welcome To Brighton?
Divide and ConquerPaid in Full

Mrs. Podmore's Cat
The Golden Boy
The Windsor Royal
No Orchids for Marker
Unlucky for Some

Michael Cahill: "A Harsh World for Zealots" (1)

Michael Chapman (1928-2022): A Mug Named FrankThe Beater and the GameIt's a Woman's PrivilegeEgg and Cress Sandwiches (4)

Bill Craig (1930-2002): "Honesty Is the Best Policy - But Who Can Afford the Premiums" (1)

James Doran (1923-2009) (6): Ward of CourtTransatlantic CousinsThe Bankrupt; Nobody Wants To Know; How About It, Frank?
Hard Times (6)

Anthony Skene (1924-2000): The Bromsgrove Venus (1)

Jack Trevor Story (1917-1991): "Tell Me about the Crab" (1)

Mike Watts: "Protection Is a Man's Best Friend" (1)

David Whitaker (1928-1980): "If This Is Lucky, I'd Rather Be Jonah"

Martin Worth: "They Go Off In the End - Like Fruit"; "You Have To Draw the Line Somewhere"; "All the Black Dresses She Wants"; 
"But What Good Will the Truth Do?" (4)

Robert Wynatt (aka Alun Falconer) (d.1973): "Strictly Private and Confidential" 

Wilson (Maurice Good) is one of

many to suspect Marker of theft

in ​Paid in Full

Frank sizes up abstract artist

Alan Grove (James Bolam) in 

I Always Wanted a Swimming 


Writers of Public Eye episodes

Thirty two writers contributed scripts to Public Eye (one being a dual effort) over the years. Co-creator Roger Marshall was responsible for almost a quarter of them and was the key influence on the first four series especially. He wrote three of the five surviving shows from the first three series and all of the seminal fourth. The only series he didn't contribute to was the fifth, with three more scripts in the final two.

In the final three series four writers had a crucial hand - Philip Broadley, James Doran, John Kershaw and Richard Harris. They are behind many of the best remembered outings.

Mention should also be made of Richard Bates who was story editor on the first two series. Michael Chapman was editor on Series 3, 5 and 6. There was no need for such a role on the fourth with Roger Marshall being the sole writer. The editor for the final one isn't known although Michael Chapman was producer and may also have been story editor.

David Ambrose (1943- ): Fit of Conscience (1)

Bob Baker (1939-2021) and Dave Martin (1935-2007): Lifer (1)

Robert Banks Stewart (1931-2016): "Memories of Meg" (1)

Julian Bond (1930-2012): "I Could Set It To Music"; "You Can Keep the Medal"; "There Are More Things In Heaven And Earth" (3)

Philip Broadley (1922-2008): Well - There Was This Girl, You See; I Always Wanted a Swimming Pool

How has former security guard

Creely (Dennis Chinnery)

ended up as a garage owner in

And When You've Paid the Bill,

You're None the Wiser

Bank manager Mr. Pearce (Tenniel

Evans) offers Frank a helping

hand in Hard Times, the first of 

the Chertsey episodes